Realtime Solutions
Harnessing the power of Open Source to deliver innovative solutions rapidly


4D is a software and product development company experienced in producing high-quality device-drivers and system-level software for embedded systems.

4D is dedicated to developing world-class software and hardware products.

4D develops complete operating-system solutions for real-time embedded systems with a focus on Embedded Linux.

4D develops hardware and packages customized software to supply complete solutions.

4D is in a position to audit processes, code and designs based on decades of software architecture, design and development experience.

About 4D

Although not yet what Ken McLeod, author, programmer and libertarian, terms "old geeks", we definitely qualify as "middle-aged" geeks. Having cut our teeth on such arcane devices, operating systems and languages as Sinclair Z80's, DOS and Fortran, it can fairly be said that we embrace the wonders of ARM, Linux and modern programming languages with enthusiasm.

We believe that our decades of experience coupled with a commitment to rapid, open-source development enables us to offer a competitive edge to companies wishing to out-source development.

In addition, we offer reasonable consultation rates to companies who plan to improve their development process, or who wish to adopt open-source as their development environment.

We offer a range of services based on our experience:
  • Design of advanced hardware devices. We specialise in ARM and Atmel AVR.
  • Extensive design and software experience with:
    • GPS, vehicle tracking
    • GSM/GPRS, Telematics
    • 802.15.4/Zigbee
    • CAN-bus
  • Software Development
    • Application and low-level software for embedded devices
    • Linux Kernel device drivers
  • Porting of Linux kernels to embedded platforms
  • Software Process improvement
  • Software Audit