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Featured Project

Meerkat Camera

LAN-based camera used in security applications. Sends JPEG images to a Java application on your PC when it detects motion.

Highly flexible. We'll customise it for any application.

Imaging Projects

1. Network Camera Imaging solution. This design adds audio and video streaming capabilities across a LAN, to a PXA255 processor with 64Mbytes of RAM and 32MBytes of flash memory. A CMOS imager generates 15 frames per second at 640x480 24-bit colour resolution. Software adds motion-detection and a host of other features to allow full control of multiple cameras across a network.

2. Intel StrongARM-based Machine Vision Platform. Provided a processing platform for client EDH to host an imaging daughter-board and become their ArmCam product. Solution uses a combination of Linux and RTAI to achieve realtime processing of images.