Realtime Solutions
Harnessing the power of Open Source to deliver innovative solutions rapidly

Our Goals

To provide excellent quality in our products

To guarantee our products and services

To exceed customers expectations

To project a professional image

To form lasting relationships with clients

To complement clients expertise

To listen to clients needs

To continuously improve our skills


In order to further our aim of spreading the Open Source gospel, we willingly partner with companies seeking to introduce this paradigm.

We offer the following services:
  1. Design of advanced hardware devices. Our specialities are Advanced Risk Machines (ARM), Atmel AVR.
  2. Extensive experience with GSM/GPRS, 802.15.4/Zigbee and CAN-bus together with the above CPUs.
  3. Development of application and low-level software for embedded devices.
  4. Development of low level (kernel) device drivers.
  5. Porting of Linux kernels to embedded platforms.
  6. Software Process improvement.
  7. Software Audit.