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Alarm Monitor

Monitors your Home or Business Alarm and notifies you when it Activates, the Power Fails or the Battery runs low. Simple retrofit onto almost any existing alarm.

This product came about when one of our homes was broken into and the alarm monitoring service provider claimed no knowledge. There had clearly been a power failure and subsequent low battery condition because the electricity had been turned off at the main distribution board.

If you want a simple cost-effective way of knowing exactly what is happening with your alarm without relying on someone else, this is for you.

As a result, based on the vast experience we have with this technology in other fields, we quickly prototyped and built the Alarm Monitor.

Naturally we used our own homes to test them. Our standards are high and if its good enough for our own use, its surely good for you.

Alarm Monitor

Monitors your Home or Business Alarm and notifies you via SMS for these preset events:

  1. Alarm Activation and Deactivation
  2. Power Failure and Return
  3. Battery Low and OK

The monitor also connects to this server (see the sample page below) as soon as possible after an event occurs. If there is nothing happening it still connects once an hour to update its status. The connection is quick and very cost-effective, more so than SMS. This means you can check the web page for your alarm to see whether there's any activity. Access to the web page is protected by a user name and password.


  1. Connects to this server with status updates hourly or on demand when one of the preset events are triggered.
  2. Has internal power to send any message even if all wires cut/removed.
  3. Internal antenna, no external antenna required.
  4. SMS notifications for up to 10 people stored in the phonebook.
  5. Send an SMS or phone the Alarm Monitor to receive a status SMS in reply. Only from numbers already in the phonebook.

Installation is straightforward and is a simple retrofit onto almost any existing alarm. Use an approved installer.

Requires 12VDC power, a connection to the Alarm battery and the Alarm/Siren output.

Alarm Monitor Website - Sample